The Spirit of Truth

Without the Holy Spirit, who guides us into all Truth, (the Jesus Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so help Him) we will believe weird things, receive weird things and deceive others with weird things.  Two thousand years ago God sent the Holy Spirit to planet earth to open humanity’s eyes with a FRESH anointing.  The anointing to see and control life through the Spirit.  The Book of Acts was our introductory offer.  He, The Holy Spirit, is here to guide and guard us into all Truth.  The Truth, not a, or some truth.

Ellen Degenerate said she never wanted to be the spokesperson for the gay or homosexual community, she only wanted to speak her own truth.  That’s why Jesus taught us in Mark 4:24 to “be careful to the truths we hear.”  Bottom line, if we refuse the the power and influence of the Holy Spirit to govern our teachings, preachings and listenings, we could very easily become deceived.  That’s why I can never truly trust the preaching and teachings of someone who not only isn’t baptized in the Holy Spirit but especially someone who preaches against the Holy Spirit.  They can say good things.  But not always will it be God things.  I’ve done that before.  Preached or said something, then the Holy Spirit would say to me “where did you read that in the Bible?”.  Oops!  Then I’d go find my error and repent, and preach “that” no more.

So let the Holy Ghost continue to do what the Father sent Him here on planet earth to do. (John 16:13-15).  Trust God!  He sent the Holy Ghost here Himself.  And He ain’t leaving earth til’ we use Him. He loves that!