Sunday the Supernatural Way

Many preach messages that never demand demonstrations (“…having a form of godliness but lacking the power thereof…” 2 Tim. 3:5).  Without offering the supernatural display of God’s miraculous ability in our services, no one can get an honest and true understanding of Who God is.  After all, He is a SUPERNATURAL, SUPERNATURAL God, all things are possible…
His love, peace, power, presence and purpose can never be understood without the supernatural attached to them.

Everything that has to do with faith living is about living the supernatural.  Without it, not only can we not please God but it will displease our spirit potential in living life Jesus-style.  Though He was the Son of Man, He was also the Son of God.  Jesus never breached His promise to re-introduce humanity back to His Father’s ways.  So today, especially on the Sabbath, take CHARGE of your potential…and start living…SUPERNATURAL.  Gal.4:31