“The Journey”


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The Journey

Dreams Fulfilled Through a Life of Connections

One day, I was riding with my oldest daughter, Tori, to our ministry headquarters (a.k.a. The Ranch) which was located just outside of Minneapolis, MN. Of all the millions of things we could talk about, our conversation that day revolved around the power of social media—particularly, Facebook®. As we shared with each other our thoughts on this powerful social media tool, I began to tell her how looking at so many pictures from my past started me to think and reminisce about my life. The pictures and our conversation strongly reiterated one thing: I didn’t get to where I am today, in ministry or in life, by myself.

Being the great daughter that she is, Tori graciously listened to some of my stories of connections and relationships. Then, somewhere out of the blue, she blurted out, “Dad, you need to write a book! You need to write about your amazing journey.” Immediately, I responded, “No, thank you! I’ll leave the book writing to those who know what they’re doing.” As far as I was concerned, that was just a nice suggestion coming from a loving daughter. However, during our ride, something began to stir in my spirit . . .

She was right!

In all honesty, with almost forty years in full-time ministry, there are two things I’ve never been inspired to do: write songs or write books. Some years ago, when I was recording my second album, Headin’ Back, I was asked to help another up-and-coming Christian artist by writing a song for his new release. Even though I felt as I was the up-and-leaving singing artist, I honored their request and wrote the song. Much to my surprise, he actually recorded it! To me, the song wasn’t that good and after the album was released, I remember thinking to myself, “Man, I hope my name is not on that song.” This quickly proved my point that I’m not inspired to write songs; however, many years later, I found myself wrestling with the second thing I was not “inspired” to do—write a book.

Throughout the course of my ministry, many people have had the same suggestion as Tori, but I’ve never felt called to do it. The dichotomy here is that I love to read and have been highly inspired by those who write what God gives them. I read a book authored by my good friend, Jeremy Pearson, entitled Hello, My Name is God. While I was so blessed by his writings, the inspiration to write escaped me. I loved Terri Savelle Foy’s book, Make Your Dreams Bigger Than Your Memories, and even while digesting her great revelation, still there was no motivation for me to pursue writing. So, just as in years past, I succumbed to the thought that writing music and writing books were for someone else and I would just keep moving forward with what God had called me to do. But, God had a different plan.

The drive with my daughter changed everything.

As Tori began to elaborate on why I should write this book, something inside of me started to tingle. I knew God was speaking directly through her. The Holy Spirit then began to speak to me, and He said:

“I want you to write about your journey; specifically of how I used others to bring you to where you are. I want people—especially young people—to know the importance of connections, the importance of recognizing their potential through the encouragement and positioning of others. I want them to know that the law of ‘blessed by association’ is still alive and well. It’s sitting at the crossroads of their journey. All they have to do is recognize it, receive it, and go with it.”

So, here I am obeying God’s specific directive to do what I thought I would never do!

Who knows if this book will ever be a best-seller; that’s not what’s important. The significance of this writing is far more than sales or self-recognition. It’s about revealing one of the true Kingdom secrets of success—the power of divine connections and relationships. This book is about nothing less than a life that has truly fulfilled its dreams, enabled by a cast of thousands. These connections, associations, and recognitions became God’s divine way to charter my life’s course and move me into His perfect will. And, here’s the best part: It’s a Kingdom principle available to every Believer.

Overall, this book is simply my heartfelt inspiration to let those who helped me get from “there” to “here” know how much I recognize the magnitude of their relationship—our relationship. I’m eternally grateful for these God-ordained connections. As well, my desire is to share with you how God has always and will forever use divine relationships and connections to move people from “there” to “here.” One thing I’m more aware of today than ever: I didn’t get here by myself.

Neither will you.

Let’s enjoy The Journey together.