Plan A vs. Plan B

God is not trying to get us from A to B. He is trying to get us back from B to A. Bill Johnson said in his book When Heaven Invades Earth, “There is NO plan B, all my eggs are in one basket, and from this posture I pursue my life.” Jesus left heaven and came to earth in its plan B existence, only to bring humanity back to Plan A.  Plan A is the BLESSED world of Gods promises.  Healing not sickness.  Blessed not lack.  Love not hate.  Forgiveness not bitterness.  The Supernatural realm not the natural realm.  Plan B is the permissive will of man’s emotion run a muck through carnality.  Plan A is the perfect will of God’s emotion running its race through Kingdom backing.

Plan B, explained by Paul in (I Cor.6:12; 10:23), is the permissible will while Plan A is His profitable will.  Isaac vs Ishmael.  Flesh vs Spirit.  Fear vs Faith.  Jesus vs satan.  In Matt.23:37-39 Jesus says that they rejected His plan A.  The problem with Plan B is that, IT IS the PROBLEM.  Plan B has NO solutions, it only has options.  The fine print it reveals that there will be side affects?  But, it will try to convince you that it’s better than nothing or better than what you got.  In some cases it even has the audacity to say ‘ It ain’t gonna get no better than this”.  Who wrote that and forgot to put his pitchfork next to it?

Using comparison as a standard of gauging hope or help will always choose a plan of least resistant.  In fact the Word says twice to never use comparison as a barometer in choosing direction for life.  Once in 2 Corinthians 10:12 and then in Gal.6:4.  Know this, Plan A never verses Plan B. But rather Plan B is there to challenge Plan A.  Alstate Insurance calls it ‘May-ham’.  Plan B is a cut rate insurance for our lives.  It is there to create ‘may-ham’ not solutions.  What would you rather have?  A cut-rate future?  A cut-rate hope, help, husband, wife, job, church, friends.  Plan B is not the main meal, it is leftovers.

So make A Plan.  And this time make it God’s.  It’s A-OK!