We exist to bring Jesus to every generation

GO into all the world and raise up a generation that will stand for Christ. This mandate is accomplished by creating an atmosphere that allows people to come into contact with the only One who can produce something in their lives: JESUS

Is this our church?

One of the elements that makes GO Ministries unique is the atmosphere we bring to the event. Not only does our ministry team bring an element of excitement and expectation to the service, but the atmosphere is set with our state of the art sound, lighting, and video system.

Our promise to you

…is to uphold your vision – Our desire is to join with your church’s vision and see to it that your church is built up and strengthened when you bring us in.


The foundation of our ministry is 95/5. 95% of our ministry is off stage and 5% is on stage. We make it our goal that no youth or adult will leave without personal contact. Ministry on a personal level is of great importance to us, and we make it our goal to show the love of God where it truly matters: off stage.


Fill This Out

Dear Partners,

God has given us such a heart for the local body! There is a stirring in our spirits to see all that God has put in your heart to come to pass. We are excited to be a part of that plan. Our mission has always been to come alongside the vision of the house by lifting up what is in your heart. Jesus is coming for this bride, and He’s coming soon. Let’s join together to see His Kingdom come!

Josh and Laci Bredahl