What do you think when someone says “internship”? Most of us think of a “go-fer” or the little guy working his way to a paid position. In GO Ministries we think of an “internship” as TRAINING THE NEXT GENERATION. We take the traditional “internship” and extend it into something much greater; we like to call it “EMPOWERMENT.”

Like the traditional internship, GO Ministries interns will get their hands dirty. But isn’t that what we all want to do?! Because the scope of our ministry is so large (literally worldwide), there is no shortage of opportunity for interns to use their gifts and talents. And that’s THE HEART of what the internship is built upon: giving the interns a place to DEVELOP their gifts and talents in a full-time, ministry environment.

Andrew Moser

Intern 2014-2017

“The GO Ministries internship is real life training. When I go out into ministry now, I know how to help my pastor. It comes down to being a servant. Getting hands on training throughout the year and putting it into practice — that’s what has grown me. What I’ve learned at GO has become a part of who I am and I will carry it with me for the rest of my life.”



In order for there to be success in any area of life, there is one element that must be present: CHARACTER. This is where GO Ministries takes the internship to the next level. Without it, you can’t have lasting success.

We are not here to merely enhance talent and behavior, but as we ENHANCE BELIEF, talent and behavior will find their rightful place.

When joining GO Ministries, each intern is involved in a number of different biblical courses designed to develop the WHOLE PERSON: spirit, soul, and body. Beyond this, interns can also choose from departments within GO Ministries to be involved with. After a year of building a strong foundation on the Word of God and the heart of the ministry, interns may branch out into more specific areas of ministry and training.

Applicants must be graduated from high school or have a GED and must be between the ages of 18 and 28.


Alli Breshers

Intern 2016-2017

“One of the biggest things I’ve learned at GO Ministries is that ministry is fun. Pastor Steve always says that if you’re not having fun in ministry to get out. Ministry is the heart of God in action. With GO, there’s never a dull moment and I believe that is how ministry should always look.”

“We are giving you a safe environment to grow in your God-given gifts, regardless of if you know what that gift might be. There is a place for you in this internship.”

Pastor Steve Munds





  • Worship

    Focuses on the development of individual music ability and will receive training to play on a worship team.

  • Local Ministry

    Local ministry’s focus is planning and organizing ministry events in our community. Those events include youth group meetings, skate park ministry and outreaches.

  • Children’s Ministry

    Interns will be involved in administrating all of the children;s ministry for GO Ministries, writing curriculums, organizing and preparing each week’s ministry.

  • Video Production

    Introduces interns to everything involved in the video production process: storyboarding, directing, shooting, editing and final output of the videos.”

  • Graphics

    Interns will use Photoshop to design print and digital media for GO Ministries.

  • Theatrics

    The theatrics elective focuses on writing and performing dramas for GO Ministries services, as well as the writing and directing of GO Ministries videos.

  • Administration

    Focuses on training interns in the necessary skills to work in a professional office environment. Interns will work in the administration of the partner and marketing departments of the ministry.



After a year of building a strong foundation on the Word of God and the heart of the ministry, interns may branch out into more specific areas of ministry and training:

Multimedia within ministry tends to be over-looked, but it shouldn’t be. We were made in the very image of our Creator, and that same creative power is inside of us just waiting to be tapped into. The Media and Design department is devoted to invading our generation with anointed multimedia that doesn’t just leave a temporary interest, but an eternal impact.

The Media and Design department is the creative force behind GO Ministries. Media and Design interns will learn how to think outside the box to reach their generation through media and design without compromising the standard of the Word. A Media and Design intern will learn things such as graphic design, video production and editing, photography, event planning, website development, motion graphics, and more. The Media and Design department makes every video, poster, flyer, banner, promo, and designs the website for GO Ministries International.

The Theatrics department is designed to provide students with theatrics, leadership, and ministry training. This generation is one greatly influenced by the arts and entertainment industries. Unfortunately, this is an area that is left largely untouched by the Church. The goal of the Theatrics department is to infiltrate this area of influence with the truths and standards of the Word of God, and an excellence achieved only with the Holy Spirit.

For one year we will train you to be the actors, directors, and writers that God has called you to be. Theatrics interns are responsible for writing all of the dramas for the Revival Tour Team. They also work closely with the Media and Design Department to write and act in all of our videos. On top of this, they write, cast, direct, and act in two full length theatrical productions each year. But the greatest lesson you will learn in the Theatrics department is how to be led by the Spirit on and off stage.

The Missions department is the newest addition to GO Ministries International. The purpose is to train men and women of God for the five-fold ministry in the area of missions. It’s our goal to give this generation a proper perspective of the world and give them the opportunity to “GO”. This is an end-time assignment that you pour yourself into and in return come to know God’s heart for His people on a deeper level. One of the greatest ways to spend your life is by using it for something that will outlast it.
The Office Internship is designed to develop administrative skills that exemplify excellence in the workplace and create organized platforms for ministry to thrive and succeed.

The Office Internship is a crucial part of GO Ministries International. Though behind the scenes, this area of ministry is what keeps us going. It is often known as the nervous system of the ministry. The office intern will learn everything needed to know in the administrative part of ministry, including: finances, management, working with other ministries and ministers, scheduling, and desktop publishing.

The Office internship is anointed to support, with excellence and efficiency, each department of the ministry by providing professional, yet personable, communication and administration.

Ministry Team

The Ministry Team travels around the world ministering to a broad base of people groups in different types of events. When entering the Ministry Team, interns have a choice of being a part of three areas of ministry:

We believe that anointed praise and worship ushers in the manifest presence of God, which allows the Holy Spirit to move and change people’s lives. Worship interns are able to devote time to growing their talent and minister through music on a weekly basis.
The Drama Team is the result of a vision birthed in Pastor Steve’s heart to bring drama into the arena of ministry as a cutting-edge way to present the Gospel. Throughout the Bible, Jesus often spoke in parables. In the same way, the Drama Team acts out modern-day parables.

The purpose of the Drama Team is to set people free with funny, relatable dramas, as well as to perform the Truth before people’s eyes through impacting human videos. A drama intern has the amazing opportunity to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a relevant way to a hungry generation!

Production is the audio/visual department of the Ministry Team. GO Ministries International is committed to presenting the Gospel in a way that is not only spiritually stimulating, but visually stimulating as well. With the use of professional video and lighting equipment, the visual atmosphere of worship is created for music and drama. A state-of-the-art, road-ready sound system is used to amplify the message of the Gospel through music and preaching.

Production interns are expected to set up, tear down, and operate the sound, video and lighting system with the aid of other interns. They will learn the practical knowledge of this trade, as well as how to envision and create a Spirit-led atmosphere for music and drama.


The total cost of tuition is $8,500.00. The first tuition payment of $1,700.00 is due at or before orientation, and the remaining ten payments of $680.00 are due on the 1st or 15th of each month. You may also make payments of $340 on the 1st and 15th of each month.
The year begins at the end of August or beginning of September. Exact dates will be announced after applying. The date for graduation varies from year to year, but will be sometime in the first week of August.
Families are encouraged to attend any RTT event near them. Families are allowed to visit the Ranch as long as it’s scheduled ahead of time with your director.
There will be three major holiday breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter). We will give you a calendar of exact times/dates once you arrive for the internship.
You will have week night evenings after classes/rehearsals up until curfew (except for Wednesdays), all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoons after the morning service at New Life Tabernacle.
Washers and dryers are provided in the laundry rooms. However, interns are required to purchase their own detergent, fabric softener, starch, laundry basket, etc.
We are blessed to have a chef who prepares dinner for us Monday-Friday. Each intern will be required to help clean up and serve dinner at least once per week. Breakfast food will be in the dining hall, and food for sack lunches will be provided as well. Usually, two interns will be scheduled to help cook each day.
The specific amount varies with each intern. Although all housing, retreats, meals, and ministry related travel is included in the tuition for GO Ministries Int’l, interns are responsible for personal items such as toiletries, bedding, laundry detergents, etc… They may also want to purchase GO Ministries’ Int’l merchandise, books, shirts, or recordings throughout the year. Interns often budget approximately $50 to $100 to spend per month.
It’s a matter of preference. With a debit card, it’s easy to take cash out every month or just use your card for your purchases. If you’re Canadian, you will need cash, as most stores don’t accept Canadian debit.
Yes, upon approval (whether on the road or at home).
No overnight guests are allowed at the properties.
Your tuition covers housing, utilities, food, transportation to and from all GO Ministries Int’l required events. Tuition does not cover toiletries, towels, eating out on personal time, laundry detergents, bedding, snack foods (i.e. candy, soda, chips, etc…), clothing, books, instrument needs (i.e. guitar strings, drum sticks, etc…) and transportation for personal reasons.
At the Ranch you will be living in a room with a minimum of 8 roommates and a maximum of 12 roommates.
Yes, however, the vehicle must have proof of active insurance throughout the entire internship year.