What do you think when someone says “internship”? Most of us think of a “go-fer” or the little guy working his way to a paid position. In GO Ministries we think of an “internship” as TRAINING THE NEXT GENERATION. We take the traditional “internship” and extend it into something much greater; we like to call it “EMPOWERMENT.”

Like the traditional internship, GO Ministries interns will get their hands dirty. But isn’t that what we all want to do?! Because the scope of our ministry is so large (literally worldwide), there is no shortage of opportunity for interns to use their gifts and talents. And that’s THE HEART of what the internship is built upon: giving the interns a place to DEVELOP their gifts and talents in a full-time, ministry environment.

Andrew Moser

Intern 2014-2017

“The GO Ministries internship is real life training. When I go out into ministry now, I know how to help my pastor. It comes down to being a servant. Getting hands on training throughout the year and putting it into practice — that’s what has grown me. What I’ve learned at GO has become a part of who I am and I will carry it with me for the rest of my life.”



In order for there to be success in any area of life, there is one element that must be present: CHARACTER. This is where GO Ministries takes the internship to the next level. Without it, you can’t have lasting success.

We are not here to merely enhance talent and behavior, but as we ENHANCE BELIEF, talent and behavior will find their rightful place.

When joining GO Ministries, each intern is involved in a number of different biblical courses designed to develop the WHOLE PERSON: spirit, soul, and body. Beyond this, interns can also choose from departments within GO Ministries to be involved with. After a year of building a strong foundation on the Word of God and the heart of the ministry, interns may branch out into more specific areas of ministry and training.

Applicants must be graduated from high school or have a GED and must be between the ages of 18 and 28.


Alli Breshers

Intern 2016-2017

“One of the biggest things I’ve learned at GO Ministries is that ministry is fun. Pastor Steve always says that if you’re not having fun in ministry to get out. Ministry is the heart of God in action. With GO, there’s never a dull moment and I believe that is how ministry should always look.”

“We are giving you a safe environment to grow in your God-given gifts, regardless of if you know what that gift might be. There is a place for you in this internship.”

Pastor Steve Munds




Areas of Growth

  • Worship

    Focuses on the development of individual music ability and will receive training to play on a worship team.

  • Local Ministry

    Local ministry’s focus is planning and organizing ministry events in our community. Those events include youth group meetings, skate park ministry and outreaches.

  • Children’s Ministry

    Interns will be involved in administrating all of the children;s ministry for GO Ministries, writing curriculums, organizing and preparing each week’s ministry.

  • Video Production

    Introduces interns to everything involved in the video production process: storyboarding, directing, shooting, editing and final output of the videos.”

  • Graphics

    Interns will use Photoshop to design print and digital media for GO Ministries.

  • Theatrics

    The theatrics elective focuses on writing and performing dramas for GO Ministries services, as well as the writing and directing of GO Ministries videos.

  • Administration

    Focuses on training interns in the necessary skills to work in a professional office environment. Interns will work in the administration of the partner and marketing departments of the ministry.



After a year of building a strong foundation on the Word of God and the heart of the ministry, interns may branch out into more specific areas of ministry and training:

Ministry Team

The Ministry Team travels around the world ministering to a broad base of people groups in different types of events. When entering the Ministry Team, interns have a choice of being a part of three areas of ministry:


GO Ministries is proud to announce that we are partnering with SC College to provide a fully accredited academic track!

Southeastern University partners with Shreveport Community Church to host an instructional site on the church campus and offer students at SC College affordable degree programs.