Information + Revelation = Direction

Knowledge isn’t yours until you obey it.  Knowledge isn’t understanding until you obey it.  Information without revelation produces frustration, while information with revelation produces direction.  One of God’s greatest joys in His relationship with us is to bring direction to our lives.  But without the revelation of His book of information, The Bible, it will become difficult to obey.  Although understanding is not a prerequisite for obedience, trust is.  How can you obey something you don’t trust?  You can’t.  Revelation is proof you got your information RIGHT!  This is how trust comes.  Jesus asked His disciples in John 8 why they misunderstood what He was saying.   It was because their line of information lacked His line to revelation.  Frustration is the fruit of a non-directional life (Eccl. 3:11).  Life was created by God, ZOE, to go somewhere and to do something.  Frustration is proof you’re doing neither.  So, to bring this into His perspective, trust produces obedience.  Obedience is proof of ownership, and ownership is proof you’re not afraid of His direction.  Hosea 4:6 says we “perish (a slow decent to death) because of the lack of knowledge.”  In verse 11 Hosea says it’s because of the lack of “spiritual understanding”.  So let’s get on with life.  Let understanding and obedience do what they do so well, bring blessing to our lives.  While obedience rewards us, disobedience robs us.   Live life with honor.  Walk in obedience…and CHARGE!!!