“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

-Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)

No one would deny the strength of The Hulk. Well, anyone with muscles bigger than your head would be considered strong. But let’s continue to use The Hulk as our subject. Some dragon-like monster appears from the depths of the earth ready to devour the Hulk. Now, not that this would actually happen, but let’s say The Hulk turns tail and scrams, screaming like a little girl. Even with all his muscles and angry, slobbery face, would you say he’s strong? I wouldn’t.

Let’s say the same thing happens to Captain America, who is much smaller, less angry looking, and not nearly as strong as The Hulk, but still strong nonetheless. Instead of retreating, he faces the dragon-thing.

Things are crumbling down around him and the dragon is making a spectacle out of his power. But Captain America doesn’t move. Who would say Captain America is strong? I sure would.

Sometimes it may seem like everything is coming down around you from all sides. And as the walls and the pillars that were holding your life up come crashing down, you feel like you are in it alone, you’ve had it, and you are done dealing with it. You may have said, “I’m not strong enough to face this!”

What is strength?

Strength: the ability to resist being moved or broken by a force

Now let’s put that in our verse:

I can do all things through Christ who [gives me the ability to resist being moved or broken by a force]. (Phil 4:13)

The very One you need is Jesus. It says in Ephesians 3:16 in the amplified that He infuses our inner man with strength and power! When it says “infuses” it is saying that strength and power are mended into the core of who we are. It’s like Spider-Man and his genetic mutations; there’s a change, or a transformation, in his DNA that takes place. It’s similar for you and me – our spiritual structure has changed.

How do you suppose that’s possible? Because of the One who lives on the inside! Because God loves us He gave us Jesus, and when He gave us Jesus, He took our weaknesses and limitations and exchanged them with His unlimited strength. (Is. 53:3-5)

After the cross, He rose three days later. What was He doing during those three days? He was doing some DBKT: Devil Booty Kickin’ Time! He went to the pits of hell and defeated every single thing that would try to come against us and make us weak! He gave us the victory! What did He do after all of this? He rose to new life. (1 Cor. 15:4) Your strength doesn’t come from Jesus dying, but from His rising. The same ability it took to rise again is the same ability that lives in you! (Romans 8:11)

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Today, when challenges arise–cue epic music–put the “giving up” attitude in it’s place (which should be behind you), and dive into the strength that God has for you! Whether its a pop-quiz, your hours get cut at your job, or you have too many hours and you feel “over-worked”, know that greater is He who is in you (God), than he who is in the world (the devil and hopeless situations…and Captain America and The Hulk for that matter too)! And you are not strong just for your sake, but if your friend is weak, or your family needs strength, be there for them, and let them see the strength you have in Jesus. You may be the only Jesus they see.

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“Daddy-God, thank You so much for giving me Jesus and all the strength I need through Him. I apologize and repent for allowing myself to act defeated. Thank you for giving me strength. Thank you, Jesus. In Your name, amen.”

-Cynthia Diaz

GMI Office Intern