“Real help comes from God…”

-Psalm 3:8 (MSG)

Help is a good thing. Yes, that needs to be said—especially in a day when we are taught to live independently since kindergarten. What is help? Help is to give assistance or support to; to make pleasant or bearable. 

Do you ever find yourself needing help?

In our everyday lives—in our families, schools, jobs, relationships—we are constantly reminded that we do indeed need help! Why don’t you go ahead and say that out loud to yourself. Right now. I’ll do it with you.

“I need help.”

We’re off to a great start! Realizing we need help is the first step to finding help.

Where do we find help? The good thing about this is that we have Someone that is ready and willing to help us. It’s Jesus! We have the best person to help us, because God the Father, through Jesus, is constantly helping us everyday. Hebrews 4:15 tells us that Jesus sympathizes with us and has a “shared feeling with our weaknesses.” That’s wonderful, but that’s not where it ends! It goes on to say that He has been tempted the same way we are tempted…YET WITHOUT SINNING! Jesus has got this thing down! He understands where we are at, and can help us precisely. …Like an expert at life.

Say it again: “I need help.”

If you need help baking a cake, would you ask Tim Tebow? (Side note: it’d be pretty funny if Mr. Tebow was a really good baker. I guess it’s possible…) Or if you were writing a book, would you ask a baby to help you write it? No! That would be silly! We can clearly see that Jesus is the perfect person to go to for help. He knows everything there is to know about everything.

When Jesus was on earth, people came to Him for help. They knew that He had what they needed. This is especially true of His disciples. They followed Him knowing that He was able to help them. What is that called? Trust. Trust is your access to help.

You may be thinking, Why does He want to help me? It’s because He loves you! Let’s read 1 Peter 1:17 in the message Bible. It says, “You call out to God for help and He helps—He’s a good Father that way.” He calls us His children. And as a good Father, He is always there to help us. He is just waiting for us to ask. Remember that realizing your need for help is the first step to getting it.

Now that we have found out where to get help, let’s ask for it from the “giving God who gives freely.” That verse, found in James 1, is actually specifically talking about wisdom. He says, “If you need wisdom, ask me! I’ll give it to you! And I’ll give you a lot of it! More than you’ll need!” …He’s a good Father that way. Think of Him as an expert in your situation. And watch that situation change.

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Like we talked about earlier, most everyone has grown up being taught how to live independently. I think we have talked enough about the benefits of living Him-dependantly, so let’s talk about our next step: Do it. How silly is it to ask for help, receive the help, and then not follow through with it? I believe the Holy Spirit will tell you specific things that need to be fixed—things that seemingly don’t connect to your current situation, but because of your obedience to the supernatural wisdom of God, that situation will begin to change for your good.

Your mission today is to realize that you need help, ask Him for help, and then trust Him to help you by being obedient to follow His leading. Seriously! How can we pass up help like this?

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Father, thank You for loving me! Thank You for calling me, and considering me to be Your child. Thank You for the help that You so willingly and generously offer. Would You help me, today? Help me to follow You! Help me to pick out clothes in the morning! Help me in school! Help me with my friends and family! Father, I trust You! In Jesus’ name, amen.

-Lauren Baker

RTT Intern