“And Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in their synagogues and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.”

-Matthew 4:23 (KJV)

It’s interesting to see that all of humanity is looking for cures to diseases. I recently watched the The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and in it—I won’t go into too much detail in case you haven’t watched it—Harry Osborn has a degenerative disease that will eventually kill him. But he discovers that in Spider-Man’s blood is the ability to self-heal. …Interesting…(wink).

Harry wants Spider-Man’s blood or he will #spoileralert die. As I was watching this I thought, Millions of people are watching a mad-man go through all this trouble to find a cure so that he can live. I have the answer! It’s way less complicated than what he’s going through to get it!

Of course, I’m going there: It’s Jesus! He is our everyday Healer!

While talking to my fellow youngsters on the road, I have noticed that we deal with headaches, migraines, allergies, and the flu too casually; almost like it’s expected! “Yep…that’s about right. It’s ‘flu season’.” There was a time in my life when I expected to get sick once a year. I expected to get a headache here and there. When my friends dealt with allergies in the spring time I thought nothing of it! If someone I knew had asthma I thought, Oh, that stinks for them!

Jesus healed “all manner of disease”. “All manner” means ANYTHING that had to do with diseases.

I know we’re really into definitions, but they really help us paint a picture. “Disease” in the Greek means lacking physical, mental, or moral strength. A disease is any kind of flawed strength in our lives! Now read the verse like this: “Jesus healed every kind of flawed state of being.”

Let’s face it: a headache is a flawed state of being, along with the flu, migraines, and allergies, any kind of mental disorder, even cancer.

You don’t have to deal with it anymore! Jesus covered it all. He took it on the cross, and that means we don’t have it! God NEVER intended for us to have to deal with sickness. God doesn’t even have to work to heal people; it’s part of who He is! In the same way you would expect to laugh in the presence of a comedian, you can expect to be healed in the presence of the Healer.

You can live healthy for the rest of your life because of JESUS! There was one flaw with Spider-Man’s blood: it’s not compatible for everyone. But Jesus’ blood is compatible, no matter what the  disease is. You don’t have to question if He wants to or if He’s able to heal. You can be sure that He loves you and wants you healed in every arena of your life! No more yearly flu! No more allergies! No more depression! No more cancer! Thank You, Jesus!

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Right living begins with right believing; go find all of the accounts in the Bible where people were healed. The book of John said that, in the three years that Jesus was on earth, if they were to record every miracle that Jesus performed, the earth wouldn’t be able to contain all the books. After you’ve seen it in the Word, begin to claim Jesus as your Healer. When you feel the symptoms, picture Jesus on the scene taking care of all discomfort! Imagine how Jesus would treat that disease if you were someone in the Bible. BRING LIFE TO THE STORY OF JESUS AS YOUR HEALER!

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“Father, I am so thankful that you paid the price for me. You conquered death on my behalf! I understand now that no matter what the situation is, small or big, a cough or cancer, you took care of it on the cross and I will not accept it in my body! Thank You for Jesus! In His name, amen!”

-Christina Waldner

RTT Intern