“However, when He, the Spirit of Truth, has come, He will guide you into all Truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.”

– John 16:13 (NKJV)

What is a guide? I know that might seem like such a simple question, but really think about it. How important is a guide? What do they do?

We’re going to dive deep into our imaginations today. Imagine you are lost in the Amazon Rain Forest. What would happen if you didn’t have a guide to take you to the closest city? Unless you have a really good (like, super hero level) sense of direction, you would be wandering around aimlessly for days, possibly weeks. We know a guide is important, but how do they help us?

A good guide knows exactly where you are, how to get to your destination, knows any trap that would try to get you sidetracked, and if there are dangerous animals to avoid.

Now let’s take this and apply it to real life. The Amazon Rain Forest is your everyday life. The guide is the Holy Spirit. There are many decisions that we could make in a day and the Holy Spirit wants to be involved in every one of them. Yes, even what clothes to wear! John 16:13 says that the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit or Spirit of Christ) will guide you into all Truth. Ask yourself this question: What does “all” mean? (This isn’t a trick question.) IT MEANS ALL! The Holy Spirit wants to be involved in your everyday life by being your everyday guide. He will guide you in every aspect of your life, including what time you should wake up and what you should wear.

So how does the Holy Spirit guide us? Notice in the scripture that it says that He will not speak on His own authority, but “whatever He hears from The Father, He will speak.” (John 16:13) According to this scripture, The Holy Spirit is speaking on the authority of The Father. What is that authority? The Word of God. That is one of the primary ways He guides us. Any decision that you need to make can be based on the Word, and a life based on the Word is the best life, because Jesus is the Word! (John 1:14) Psalms 119:105 says, “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” The Holy Spirit will use the Word to help make your decisions. Allow the Holy Spirit to be your guide in life, today!

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We have all heard the question,  “I wonder what the plan of God is for my life?” and a lot of them don’t know how to let Jesus be their everyday guide. Today, I challenge you to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and let the Word direct your life. Don’t just make a decision because it looks fun or seems good to you. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your everyday decisions: what to wear, what to eat, when to wake up, or how long to do this or that. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up saving a life by following His simple instruction.

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“Father, I thank you for giving me the Holy Spirit. Teach me how to be led by You in every decision. Guide me in the way You want me to go. I commit to allow the Word to give me correction, direction, and instruction. Holy Spirit I allow You to be my everyday guide, and I will seek and serve You for the rest of my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


-Joel Kutz

GMI Intern