“So now we can rejoice in our new relationship with God because our Lord, Jesus Christ, has made us friends of God.”

-Romans 5:11 (NLT)

Who is your best friend? Is it the person you hang out with everyday? Is it your mom or dad? Your siblings or…your cat? Throughout our lives we all have many different people we call “best friend”. It feels good to say you have a best friend—that one person you can run to when something happens in your life, whether it be good or bad.

When I was 7 I was riding my bike on gravel road. I turned too sharply and fell in the rocks. I sat there crying and panicking because my knee was bleeding. All I wanted at that moment was someone to comfort me, hug me and make it all better. As I got older, there were other times that I “fell down”. Each time I always wanted somebody right there to comfort me, just like when I fell on my bike.

It would be nice if we always had someone available like that, wouldn’t it?

During the last supper, right before Jesus was arrested, He was talking to His disciples about the Holy Spirit. He called the Holy Spirit the Comforter, Counselor, Advocate, Helper, Strengthener. But in John 16:7 the Message translation calls the Holy Spirit the Friend.

When Jesus was crucified on the Cross the veil that separated us from God was torn from the top to the bottom. With the veil gone the Holy Spirit came, and we were finally able to have a relationship with God again. Thank you, Jesus! Jesus and The Holy Spirit were sent to be our friend in times of need. They are there to comfort us when something goes wrong. They are also there to rejoice with us when something is good, too! It doesn’t matter where we are, Jesus and The Holy Spirit are always with us to communicate and guide us when we need it or desire it—when something great happens, or when we’re just chilling in the room.

A friendship is a two-sided relationship. But if there was a “friend” that was always trying to get a hold of another “friend” who would only ignore the guy, then that’s not really a friendship. One side is actively trying to get involved while the other doesn’t care. Our relationship with God can be the same way sometimes. Jesus and The Holy Spirit are constantly trying to talk to us and tell us God’s plans for our lives. But so many of us ignore Them, and never try to engage Them even though They are with us every second of every day.

The end of our verse says that we are “friends of God.” In the Strong’s Concordance, “friend” is defined as “beloved”. This word “beloved” means “one who is dearly loved, treasured, prized, even worshipped.” Thanks to Jesus, who died on the cross for us and took away every sin we’ve ever committed, we are now God’s beloved ones, the ones He dearly loves, treasures, and worships! Now, you will never be alone.

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Why wouldn’t we want to have a relationship with a person like this? Simply put, there won’t be  better friends than The Father, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. Why not start right now?! Start talking to Them and hanging out with your Father God, your Savior Jesus, and your Helper The Holy Spirit. I promise you, if you talk to Them, They will talk back!

After that, consider all the people you know that really need a friend. Be their friend by introducing them to the Friend. It will probably be uncomfortable at first, but it’s well worth it. Just like He does with you, He longs for a friendship with them.

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“Jesus, thank You for all that You did for me. Now, I can have a relationship with my heavenly Father. I want You to be my best friend. I love You! I’m so happy I get the opportunity to know You more and more. I know that I am Your beloved. Thank You for all that You do in my life, every single day. I purpose to always do what the Spirit of the Lord is telling me to do. I do not want to do my own will, but Yours Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

-Shelbie Buckingham

5FA Intern