Entitlement: A Servant’s Worst Enemy

The greatest enemy to momentum, expectations, promotion, personal relationships , and servant hood is entitlement. You can never serve leadership or even work for an employer with  joy or commitment if you have a spirit of entitlement.  Entitlement: the act of entitling, the state of being entitled, the right to guaranteed benefits or compensation for efforts surrendered.

You can never serve properly if you have a personal agenda.   “No man can serve to masters.”   If you have an agenda with serving, you are serving two masters.  Of course, Jesus said no man can serve two masters.  What did He mean when He said that?  He meant that if you have two masters, you can never serve one or both with any level of commitment.  You can never serve one properly.
Serving is an attitude.  We are not just team players but team builders.  You show up with your ‘A game’:  “What can I bring to your success?”  Joseph brought his ‘A game’ to Potiphar’s house and even to prison.  He never thought he was entitled to anything.  Serve with a five-star attitude, the very best.  Five-star ministry, five-star attitude, five-star anointing.

Serving with a five-star attitude will never require admonishment.  Ronald Reagan once said, “It’s amazing what we can accomplish when no one cares who gets the credit.”  A true servant requires only from himself while never requiring from others.  He is motivated by his conviction to do his best rather than comparing his efforts to how well his brother is doing.  This is called ‘standards through comparison’ (2 Cor. 10:12). You see, comparison creates competition.  Competition creates opponents.  Opponents creates enemies.  Opponents can never have a servant spirit because life then becomes a competitive arena.  All goals and visions that aren’t of you become your enemy.  Opponents can never serve others.  They can never serve another man’s vision, purpose or passions.  So, how can one be a servant in a non-serving world?  Just behave like Jesus did 2000 years ago.  He said He did not come to be served, but to serve.  You want honor and glory to be given back to Jesus?  He said to  become the least.  Put our so-called life’s priorities aside. Decrease so He can increase.