“MANY PREACH MESSAGES THAT NEVER DEMANDS DEMONSTRATIONS”. Having a form of Godliness denying the power thereof (2 Tim.3:5) never saved anyone nor ever really helped anyone. Many ministers preach messages based on the practical applications of life. But w/o the supernatural attachment to the practical, life will always be pursued by mans efforts rather than God’s expectations.

W/o offering the supernatural display of Gods miraculous ability in your church services, no one can get an honest and biblical understanding of who He is, His love, His peace, His power, His presence, and His purpose can never be achieved without His supernatural presence attached to it. God lead the children of Israel from Egypt to the promised land but He did it by His supernatural presence,(cloud by day, fire by nite) and His supernatural provision (Water from rocks and manna from above). His existence is displayed thru His supernatural presence. Even ‘Old things pass away and all things become new’ is a supernatural part of God invading our lives. I can’t change on my own no matter how many steps I’m taking to get that change in my life. I like what Bill Horn Director of Chariots Of Light said. He says all you need to get deliverance is three steps. Father, Son and Holy Ghost!

This dispensation began by a supernatural overhaul. The book of Acts was Gods proof to life that His supernatural presence was mandatory. In Gal.4:31 it says ” So brethren, we [ who are born again] are not children of tHe slave woman [ the natural], but of the free [ the supernatural ]. In fact all of Gods attributes, which now should be abiding in us, love, joy, peace, etc, cannot operate properly w/o His supernatural presence and provision. For example:

His love- It’s an Agape region of existence. The God kind of love. Love is God. John 3:16; 1Cor.13; 1Jo.4:7-8; this God love cannot operate properly w/o God. That is a supernatural presence and provision.

His peace- Peace that passes thru all natural understanding (Phil.4:7). What is the definition of peace that passes all natural understanding? Supernatural peace. That is a Supernatural presence and provision.

And the list goes on and on. So the next time you try to live life Jesus-style and you seem to constantly come up short? Call on the Holy Spirit. He is God’s supernatural presence and provision as well as His Watch Dog on planet earth in these last day dispensation. And to all of us…CHARGE!!!